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Highwaykick 2 lifestyle

The Highwaykick 2 Lifestyle is a simple, playful, lightweight 3 wheeled scooter with a cute storage box on the front to take along their favorite toy for a ride.

It is designed for kids 2+ and holds max. 50kg (110lbs). And it comes in 6 super cool, funky and stylish graphics.

It has a removable lightweight handlebar and a full anti-slip griptape lightweight deck.

Its simple, stylish and playful . . .


Age: 2 - 5 years 

Height: 89 – 118 cm

Tbar: 70cm

Max. Load: 50kg on deck

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compact storage

Compact front storage for transporting some beloved toys

Choose your style!

reflective. visible.

Versions "steel" and "rose" are equipped with a reflective material for better visibility in dark conditions.

Upgradable LED-Wheels for other versions will be sold seperatly.