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Highwaykick 5 LED

The Highwaykick 5 LED is the ultimate kickboard for kids and adults. High-grip & shock-absorbing jumbo wheels with white LED wheels on the front and a durable sandwich construction allow a 80 kg payload easily.

The height of the handlebar can be adjusted to a bodyheight of 1.80m and can be easily removed at the touch of a button.

The chassis's sandwich construction provides extreme stability and a completely new design look as well as unique color setting. The anti-slip rubber inserted on the deck provides extra grip in all weather conditions.

Age: 5+ years 

Height: 118 - 180cm

Tbar: 60 - 90cm adjustable

Max. Load: 80kg on deck

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handle-bar height adjustment

variable height adjustable with 3 safety pins. 

no tools required.

handle release function

by the simple push of a button. 

easy to transport.

oversize deck

rubberized finished for high grip