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Scoot & Ride Magyarország | Tel.: 06306505295 | E-mail: 

Standard S-M


The new Scoot & Ride helmets provide perfect safety even for the youngest children.

Our helmets come in 2 sizes and many colors, matching our scooters. 

The innovative magnetic fastener makes it easy for children to open and close the helmet and prevents the skin from being wedged in.

All helmets are adjustable in size. 


Kids Helmet in size S – M: 

Head size: 51 - 55cm

Weight: 290g

Használati útmutató letöltése 


Size adjustment wheel with LED light

Stepless adjustment from 35 to 51 cm head size

Magnetic safety closure

Easy opening and closing and powerful hold

Soft upholstery

Breathable and washable