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The newly-developed product Highwayfreak allows children to whiz around in two different ways: on a scooter or - more comfortably - on a bike. 

The Highwayfreak is an innovative combination of scooter & bike for children aged three to five years. 

By pushing the push-button at the front of the frame forward, the trendy vehicle can be turned from a bike into a scooter and vice versa, quickly and easily, with one hand. 

The height-adjustable handle bar can be adjusted to the child's height in both driving positions. 
The Highwayfreak grows with the little ones and guarantees years of driving fun. 
The big, soft front wheel allows safe, quite and smooth driving comfort on a variety of surfaces.

The Highwayfreak is made of high-quality materials and is very robust and durable. 


Age: 3 - 6 years 

Height: 96 - 120 cm

Seat: 42cm

Tbar: 60 - 71cm adjustable

Max. Load: 50kg on seat and deck

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2in1 mode

transforms from ride-on to scooter. no tools required.  two products in one.